Canada mourns a nurturer of musicians

Canada mourns a nurturer of musicians


norman lebrecht

January 14, 2019

Canadian musicians have written in to inform us of the death of Neil Crory, an influential producer at CBC but, more than that, a guide to artists at a delicate stage in their development.

Michael Vincent has written a lovely tribute here.


  • The Angry New Yorker says:

    Neil was an extraordinary man: an important CBC producer, writer, adviser to artists and more. He was one of the most generous + kindest people I ever met. He was also so knowledgeable (an encyclopedic knowledge in fact) of all things classical music (especially opera-vocal). He imparted his wisdom not with snobbery, but in such a quiet way, you never felt stupid or belittled if you didn’t know something. He had respect for people, and a unspoken understanding of people’s sensitivities. He died way too young. Thank you Norman for including this item in Slipped Disc.