Breaking: Maestro quits Berlin 2 days before premiere

We hear that the experienced Diego Fasolis has walked out of La Sonnambula, which opens on Saturday at the Deutsche Oper.

No word yet on why.

Kapellmeister Stephan Zilias will step in.

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  • LOL, I just took a look for any updates on this (“walked out” and “quits,” or “illness or family trouble”?), and was delighted to discover that SD is re-published on the “BonBonLifestyle” robo-news-aggregator. Delightful!

  • Saw & heard the première last night. Fasolis was sadly & greatly missed. Zilias saved the performance – alas, there was no glitter, luster or verve, no Italianitá or splendour from the pit. German heaviness, though attentive to the singers.
    Does anyone know why Fasolis tossed in the baton?

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