Zakhar Bron’s latest child find

Zakhar Bron’s latest child find


norman lebrecht

December 14, 2018

She’s 11 years old.


  • Robert Roy says:

    Absolutely amazing!

    • Anders Lindgren says:

      I totally agree. Near perfect intonation, suberb technique and very evident musicality. Can’t wait to hear her again when she’s a bit more grown up and has a proper violin. Natsuho Murata. A name to remember!

  • What is her name? Amazing to to watch and hear the innate musical manifestations come out of such a young musician. Kinda confirms the reincarnation thing….

  • What size violin do you suppose that is? That looks larger than what someone her size would usually have. It doesn’t have that small-violin sound.

  • aj says:

    One can view this latest find as a freak of nature , quite
    astonishing but having little to do with music or the
    art of playing the violin ,one can also entertain the thought of three grown men pretending
    to sit in judgement of this circus event only
    shows how low people can sink in using a child
    to further their own ends.

    • Amanda says:

      You are nothing but a bitter sarcastic cynic who tried so hard to make it in life but failed miserably. Change your attitude. You can still find joy in appreciating others and in healing your broken soul. God bless you!

      • Robert in Calgary says:

        How can someone call her a “freak of nature?” She’s only a child, but just wait until she grows up. Amanda, you’re right about your comments about the cynic who probably needs spiritual healing.

    • Mozart says:

      Are you OK AJ? Please don’t skip taking your meds.

    • KT says:

      geez what a poor soul you are! She is a very talented kid but much growing up than you are. Just shut up and enjoy the music.

  • John Marks says:

    A sad spectacle.

    I wonder what the musical equivalent of “run-on sentences” is? Playing as quickly as possible is usually the enemy of phrasing that is essentially musical.

    Dance-form-based music should be played no faster than people could dance to it. A pity.

    Played with awareness, and slowly enough for the music to breathe, that can be a charming piece. Instead, this run-through had me grabbing my blood-pressure medication bottle.

    • Bruce says:

      This is a very standard showpiece, and she plays it in a very standard way, similar in tempo and “breathlessness” to

      • Heifetz
      • Menuhin
      • Szeryng
      • Perlman

      And just for fun, check out Leila Josefowicz, already a stupendous badass at age 9:

    • Bill says:

      JM, how about pointers to performances on youtube that you think exemplify “how it should go” in your view? I imagine a performance by Artie D. would be such, but I do not see any evidence of one.

      I am in agreement that letting the music breathe is important. Schnabel put it memorably: “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes – ah, that is where the art resides.”

    • eyeroll says:

      Old comment, but a tarentella has many forms. It’s a dance, but it’s supposed to be agitated, breathless, and frenzied, like the side-effects of the supposed venom from the particular spider. That you felt so unwell after the performance kind of shows that she hit the target. Also, culturally, there’s a form of a tarentella where the instrumentalist and the drummer try to pick up the tempo as a competition to wear the other one down. All information available to google. Hope your blood-pressure medication isn’t addling your brains too much.

  • Bernardo says:

    Most people play that piece slightly out of tune, not her! Amazing!

  • Violinaccordion says:

    Equal to Leia Shu

  • Tonicsolfa says:

    Natsuho Murata is not a one piece wonder. Those who doubt her musicianship should sample all of her performances available in Youtube, including the Paganini Cantabile (which preceded the Wienawski in the same competition session), as well as the lyrical parts of the Mozart Violin Concerto No.1 (first movement), the complete No.3 and the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto Movt1 and Movt3, Vivaldi “winter” of the Four Seasons, among others. I’m a recent fan and am riveted every time I watch and hear her videos (more times than I can count).

    For example, she wowed the judges at CMIM 2019, with Pierre Amoyal saying he could immediately recognize her special “voice” from the first note that she played.