Biz news: Yuja gets half an agent

The unmanaged Yuja Wang, abandoned by her last agent, has settled after weeks of dizzy deliberations, for a partial solution.

She will be agented in Asia by Sylvie Bouchard of the Japanese firm Kajimoto, and Sylvie will also look after her events in France.

The rest of the world has yet to be determined.

This half-pie solution makes her inevitably less attractive to the leading global agencies – all the hassle for half the revenues, as one manager puts it.


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  • This is a non-story. Yuja Wang is talented and beautiful (she also happens to be my second favorite living female pianist). I have heard her play Prokofiev 3 with Kirill Petrenko and the Berlin Philharmonic at the Proms last August and she was superb. The encores, Rachmaninoff’s Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 and her own arrangement of Mozart’s Alla Turca were stupendous. I can guarantee that Yuja will do well without matter of who represents her.

    • Just out of sheer curiosity, did she play her own arrangement of the Alla Turca or the one by Volodos as she always does?

      • You got me here – I have no idea 🙂

        It was very much different and more complex than the original, so I assumed it was her arrangement. It might have been Volodos as well.

      • I was there! She plo her own confection of the Rondo Alla Turca, which is a mix of two, starting with Volodos, merging into Fazil Say, and alternating the two, (both of which she’s played as stand-alone pieces). I prefer pure Volodos, finding Fazil too facile, but she certainly has her own “touch” with this version. Her confection is just a little shorter than either other version,(no repeats!). She shows a great sense of humor as well as truly stunning virtuosity. One supposes that both Arcadi and Fazil have had their Say in the matter.

    • And no matter how damn good she now is, I believe she will become an even more profound musician as gets older and wiser.

  • This does not seem to be accurate. This agency relationship with Japan and France – and Asia, by the way – was surely already in place before. Also agencies for Spain and Italy.

    • Reportedly, her previous manager dropped her for being “too high maintenance”. But her public persona belies that excuse, so we probably don’t know why she was released.

  • The least thing Yuja Wang has to worry about is to be “less attractive” to audiences, music lovers and her professional colleagues. Must advise the “Slipped Disc” to be a bit more reasonable.

  • I looked her calendar: several dates disappeared. I guess because they are already sold out? And why is Yuja absent from Verbier 2019 festival?

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