Yannick reveals his secret space at the Met

The music director of the Metropolitan Opera has been talking to CBC Radio.

Listen here

‘J’ai un petit secret au Met : en haut de la scène, il y a une magnifique décoration, toute en feuilles d’or, qui est un symbole de la maison. À chaque représentation, j’essaie toujours de trouver une seconde où je peux lever les yeux et la regarder, juste pour bien me pincer et dire “Oui, je suis ici.” Là, je me pince encore plus en me disant “Oui, je suis ici et c’est ma maison.’

‘I have a little secret at the Met: at the top of the stage, there is a magnificent decoration, all in gold leaf, which is a symbol of the house. At each performance, I always try to find a second where I can look up and look at it, just to pinch myself and say, “Yes, I’m here.” There, I pinch myself even more and say, “Yes, I am here and it is my house.’


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  • How lovely, a little pre-performance S&M session. Maybe he can also kick himself and ask “Whatever gave me the idea that I am good enough for this house ?”

  • The above comments betray the emotional poverty of the commenters, not the subjects they speak of. Take a step back and look at what you have just written with a larger frame of mind, if you are able…you may find yourself on the troll side of the spectrum.

    • Slipped disc has become the refuge of frustrated trumpanzees (dog, sue…), frustrated and jealous “composers” (bortslap) and other trolls such as those…
      The fact that Mr. Lebrech doesn’t do anything about them proves that not only he doesn’t disapprove of these parasites but he needs them.

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