Which soloists sell well in China?

Apart from the obvious – Lang Lang, Yundi Li, Yuja Wang – the Chinese audience has a very particular taste.

Impresario Jiatong Wu spills the beans in a conversation with Van magazine.

For starters,  Anne-Sophie Mutter, Rudolf Buchbinder, Mischa Maisky…  would you have predicted that?

Read on here.


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  • As Anne-Sophie Mutter, Rudolf Buchbinder, and Mischa Maisky are international stars I would have thought that was obvious. However, with your oft condemnation of Putin I am surprised you did not add that China is an exceedingly repressive regime and were these stars compromising themselves and their art going there?

    • How do you know what China’s regime is like? How many times have you been there? How many ordinary Chinese do you know and talk with? True, China is not a democracy. But then neither is somewhere like Singapore which is a right-wing autocracy despite its having so-called elections. Odd that one just party has been in power since it became independent 53 years ago! And what other country other than China has dragged over 400 million out of poverty in the shortest time ever known in world history?

      What about what is happening in places like Hungary, the Philippines and Brazil, to say nothing about the United States? Once you start on that road, where do you stop?

      Surely it is time that this blog bans political comments by posters which have nothing to do with music?

  • With audiences comprising 70% young people, I reckon Simon Rattle’s comment is pretty much spot on. The future surely is China and Asia – but then we’ve known that for some years.

  • Entertaining passage in the article about Anne-Sophie Mutter chewing out an audience member in China for using a flash when taking her photo during her performance (“That didn’t go over well in China at all”).

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