The top 10: Slipped Disc’s biggest stories of 2018

The top 10: Slipped Disc’s biggest stories of 2018


norman lebrecht

December 26, 2018

In reverse order. The John Williams story scored four times as many readers as the next-read story.

Go figure.

Here goes:


10 Gatti is fired by Concertgebouw

9 International soprano is killed in glider crash

8 Anne-Sofie von Otter is tragically widowed

7 Principal oboe: Why I had to leave Chicago

6 Steinway to be sold to Chinese

5 Berlin Phil loses US principal horn

4 Why Peter Gelb fired Uncle John Copley

3 Top conductor breaks skull in bike crash

2 NY Phil fires two musicians

1 John Williams leaves his scores to Juilliard



  • barry guerrero says:

    You could make one heck of a film noir with that conglomeration of train wrecks.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    How about a list of the most unexpected musically gripping links posted in 2018 Slipped Disc posts?

    Today’s Madeleine de Valmalète posting definitely belongs in that list.

  • PR Pro says:

    Do these rankings exclude the gazillions of hits from spambots? I run a blog, too, and the inflated numbers can be captivating at first, until you filter out all those spammy hits with .ru and other extensions. Just curious about how you manage your stats, since you write about them so often.

  • Mark Hildrew says:

    Are you able to see which thread had the most number of comments ? That may be more significant that the # of hits which (as PrPro pointed out) can be skewed.

    Are there many centithreads, with >100 entries ? thanks

  • Saxon Broken says:

    I guess some of the stories, such as Gatti getting fired, are spread over multiple blogs.