Slipped Disc readers help Anna’s family to reach her funeral

Slipped Disc readers help Anna’s family to reach her funeral


norman lebrecht

December 02, 2018

It’s gratifying to see that the appeal to fly the father and sister of Anna Lucia Kim, a young New York agent, to her funeral has topped $14,000 overnight.

Many of the contributors are Slipped Disc readers.

Anna, in her early 20s, was killed in a car smash in Michigan on Friday. She worked for Charlotte Lee at Primo Artists in New York.

Please, if you, can, help the final push to get her Korean family to the funeral.

Donate here.

Thank you.



  • Me! says:

    Why are you saying this? Most of the money is to fly her body home to s Korea (obviously they have chosen not to cremate or at least not in US – 86% of s Koreans chose cremation It’s not that expensive to fly to US from S Korea- and her real funeral will be with her family and friends in s Korea not new friends here – more $ shouldn’t be thrown at this I suggest- give to needy causes not over $18k to her family with them now wanting to get as much as can – would you really want thousands of $s cash for the loss of your child? (If driver at fault, sure, but will likely sue for that

    • Marianne Kordas, AU music librarian says:

      Hi, I think the point is to show collective support during a difficult time, not necessarily question what will be done with the funds. It has been possible within *three days* to raise enough money for Anna’s father and sister to attend her memorial service here at Andrews University on Wednesday. Four days between finding out about her death to being on the ground in the US is an incredible feat. I’m sure anything left over after emergency airfare will be welcome towards time taken off work, any funeral expenses, etc. if nothing else, it is tangible proof to her family that she had a community who loved her, and that she — and by extension they — matter to us.

      AU was blessed to have Anna as part of our tight-knit community for the past five to six years, and she had been in the Us since age 15, largely on her own. So while we may not be blood relations, our grief at her death is just as real, and our memorial service for her on Wednesday will be just as real, as any subsequent service that may be held in S Korea.

      I did not know Anna well, but had the privilege of working with her on the opera crew for Sreet Scene this spring. I’ll miss seeing her and her smile in my music library.

      *these are my personal statements, and not official communication of the university.

  • rosebud39 says:

    Violinist Joshua Bell helped the fundraiser achieve its goal, contributing $7,000 plus dollars. Pianist Seong-Jin Cho also contributed with a thousand.

    Oh Anna, you’d be ecstatic…