Sicklist: Diva Joyce drops out in Paris

Joyce DiDonato can’t make it for tomorrow’s Maria Stuarda at the Théatre des Champs Elysées.

Patricia Ciofi jumps in.

Let’s hope the rioters give her a silent night.

La Spery conducts.


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  • Breaking-into a performance protest-wise is the only way the ‘gilets jaunes’ can enjoy an opera, since they don’t have the money to pay for a ticket and they ran-out of money (and fuel) already by driving to Paris.

  • Joyce DiDonato shouldn’t have been cast as Maria Stuarda in the first place, since she is a mezzo-soprano. She butchered the opera when she did it at the Met, and they re-wrote a lot of the music to accommodate her voice. It was horrible. They are lucky to get Miss Ciofi in Paris.

    • I couldn’t agree less. I thought Joyce’s Maria Stuarda was one of the most moving, detailed and thoughtful portrayals I’ve heard on stage in recent years, and the Preghiera in particular was almost unbearably meaningful.

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