Sheku gets cruelly cut off Good Morning Britain

The perils of breakfast TV.

The young cellist got to play all of 10 seconds before they cut to an interview with Emily Blunt.

Watch here.

And beware.

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  • Headline should have been the well-tempered segue
    Except, have you actually watched the segment? No cellist in sight. But they do rush off in the blunt manner described.
    If you want to see a cellist getting the chop (and chop it is) head over to
    And remember that breakfast television is a Voluntary Activity so you will have only yourself to blame for your outburst of righteous indignation which, of course, nobody ever does blame themselves for.

  • The link takes us to a Daily Star tale of a festive gift wallah being cut off as he demonstrated edible candles so they could go to an interview with Emily Blunt. So cruel. A ten-second google suggests that the bloody-minded cut-off of Sheku was reported only by the Daily Mirror, though one cannot be sure. The broadsheets, certainly, have again been remiss in their coverage of breaking news. Anyway, it seems to be the wrong link.

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