Cello envy: Sheku gets another Royal date

The irrepressible young cellist was out last night at the Royal Variety Show with Harry and Meghan.

Just in time for his Christmas single.


And poor Yo Yo Ma’s left playing the Metro.

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  • We understand the Yo Yo Ma-related irony here… Still, to set the record straight: Yo Yo Ma recently played all six of Bach solo cello suites in a very full Maison Symphonique in Montreal (2000+ people) and the concert had to be broadcasted live in a local church to accommodate the hundreds of people who couldn’t get a ticket. On top of it he piled up a number of social initiatives, including a short concert in the metro and an appearance at an event related to issues regarding native peoples in Canada. If this is the doing of a “poor Yo Yo Ma”, then I’m all for more poverty among the world’s best cellists!

  • Maybe Yo Yo Ma is American and so he prefers playing to the public rather than to royals so I doubt there would be envy here

  • Yo Yo Ma is American so I doubt that he would be as interested in playing to royals, I suspect that he actually prefers to the general public

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