San Fran fills another big job

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music has appointed Jonas Wright as Dean and Chief Academic Officer.

Wright, from Buffalo, has worked before at the Presidio Graduate School and the American Film Institute.


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  • Great pic of the new dean taken in the beautiful atrium at SFCM. It was a pleasure to work with him during my brief 17 month tenure there. He is definitely the right person at the right time for a school on the move. Jonas will do a whale of a job. (or was that Jonah?)

  • Interesting that a third-rate School of Music (in title, leastly–what’s, really, a conservatory?) wouldn’t at the very least endeavor to hire a musician of rank caliber if not expertise into such a prominent, executive role.

    • From your mouth to god’s ear, sir. You seem to have less than profound knowledge of SFCM. 3rd-rate ? hardly; what really is a conservatory? it’s where rich old ladies grow flowers; perhaps a chief academic officer needs other skills beyond “a musician of rank caliber.” May I call you Scotch in the future?

    • Why on earth would you believe the dean should be a prominent musician? That is just bizarre. Teaching and especially administrative skills are the key requirements in such a role.

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