Records of the year – the ones we missed

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

As the year nears its end a pile of albums stares at me pleading for attention. So I dig in and find some that I cannot allow to pass unnoticed…

If you wanted to hear Bach on the piano,would you, for instance, go to Iceland to hear it played by the winner of the Iceland Optimism Prize?….

Read on here.

And here.



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  • Again: all major labels get picked but Sony (Levit, Currentzis, Kaufmann, Volodos, Fröst…there were a few contenders) – seems like Mr. Lebrecht wants to be payed for his picks and I never saw Sony ads on this site but a lot from Warner and DG!

    Became clear as he described Hauscka signing to Sony as “sad”.

    Mr. Lebrecht, you are such a wise person, please free yourself and get out of the record companies weezels wallets!

      • Sheku, Decca, complete site was pink – looked pretty cool!
        Dg: Trifonov and embarrassing 120 birthday ads…warner had Goldberg ad for Rena(forgot full name)that’s only a few I remember.

    • Without worrying about advertising politics, I’d be interested to read NL’s take on Levit’s recital album and Volodos’s late Brahms; I found each sublime.

  • Re Daniil Shafran — I imagine hearing him in Jackie du Pre. Does anybody know whether she discovered him during her months in Moscow, at the dawn of her career, while enrolled under Rostropovich?

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