Maria Callas at 95

Maria Callas at 95


norman lebrecht

December 02, 2018

It’s her birthday today.

She has been gone 40 years.

And they’re exploiting her image in a hologram show.



  • Alexander says:

    thank you for remembering her …. she is always a real deal

  • Caravaggio says:

    How about taking a break and letting the woman rest for once? The widows, still dressed in black, have missed so much else for way over forty years. Quite sad and absurd.

  • The reason I posted – Englisg translation – of my five years old article about… no, noet Callas (is there something new to say?), but about her ‘stepsisters’….

  • Something went wrong with my comment, excuses!
    It is five years ago that I wrote an article about the ‘stepsisters’ of La Divina and now it is translated in English.

  • aj says:

    there still is a buck to be made from this vastly over rated
    singer who always seems in pain no matter what she

  • Raimundo says:

    Thank you!