Maestro moves: Oksana quits Graz

The highly rated Oksana Lyniv has decided not to renew her contract as principal conductor of Graz Oper and the Graz Philharmonic beyond next summer.

She will be replaced by Roland Kluttig, chief of Landestheater Coburg since 2010.


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    • According to the official statements from both sides, Ms Lyniv has become increasingly in international demand, and she feels she needs to explore this career development. She has declared her gratitude – and Graz their pride – that this short lived post has further developed her career.

  • In our opera house we call her name simply “the bitch” since she took over as GMD…….can’t wait to never see her face again!

      • Er…it requires more than “high standards” to be an excellent conductor. You have to have a sense of the capabilities of those you are conducting; an idea of how the musicians can improve; and be able to communication how the performance can be made better. That actually is true in any leadership role.

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