Just in: The Met’s Otello is sick

We hear that Stuart Skelton is too unwell to sing the final dress rehearsal. He will be replaced by his cover, the US tenor Carl Tanner.

Word on the inside is that Tanner will also sing the opening night.

The show marks conductor Gustavo Dudamel’s Met debut.

UPDATE: Now Yoncheva drops out

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  • Quintus Beckmesser says:

    “Tanner will also singh” – is Otello to be played as an Indian?

  • Marcus Clayton says:

    This is great news. Good for Carl Tanner. He has a much better voice than Stuart Skelton. Skelton ruined Tristan when he sang it at the Met. Hopefully he’ll cancel the Walkures as well.

    • Mark says:

      We must have heard two different performances – he was excellent (and, as I recall, uniformly praised) on the opening night of Tristan.

  • aj says:

    Dudamel at the Met ?????? it’s bad enough as it is but
    this ??????? what a come down for the Met .

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