Just in: Dudamel welcomes Salonen to the West Coast

The pair share the same agent.

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  • Hey, earlier this year (or maybe last year) SD broke the news about Salonen getting divorced from his British wife? Did that happen? Just curious y’know

  • Very nice. It’s not a competition – the SFSO and LAPO are in the same business but not competitors. The days of Munch being prohibited by BSO contract from conducting other major US orchestras in the East are long gone. Back in the day, I think it was Judson who arranged an orchestra swap between Stokowski and Toscanini (resulting in marvellous recordings by T and the Phillies – around 1941). They might try that idea in California…………..

    • Stokowski and Toscanini were giants in the field
      to compare them to Dudamel &Salonen is laughable
      if not outright ridiculous.

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