José Carreras raises another $3 million for leukaemia kids

José Carreras raises another $3 million for leukaemia kids


norman lebrecht

December 14, 2018

The tenor’s 24th annual gala raised 3.3 million Euros.

The show took place in Munich ans was joined by violinist  David Garrett, tenor Jonas Kaufmann and pianist Sophie Pacini.

Bless them all.

Carreras himself survived leukemia in 1987.


  • Petros Linardos says:

    Bless them all and cut Kaufmann some slack next time he cancels.
    And remember the wonderful mezzo Lucia Valentini-Terrani (1946-1998), who was afflicted with the same kind of leuchemia as Carreras and even went to the same hospital for treatment (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle).

    • waltraud riegler says:

      What a unhappy person You must be…. Kaufmann did not cancel a single performance this year…….

      • Eeva Nurro says:

        Dear Mrs. Riegler, I’m not sure if you understand the meaning of the words “cut slack”. It’s an idiom in the English language, meaning “to NOT judge someone severely, to be LESS critical of someone’s behavior”.

        • Petros Linardos says:

          Thank you Eeva.

        • Margarita Mc says:

          Thank you for clarifying that for the previous commentator, Eeva.

        • waltraud riegler says:

          Thank You for explanation. Your posting could even be misunderstood…… The meaning of my (helped by google) translation was exactly the opposite.

          • Petros Linardos says:

            All good. Were you using Google to translate between German and English? Google translations between those two languages. I’ve experienced this myself.

            Alles klar. Haben Sie Google verwendet um zwischen Deutsch und Englisch zu übersetzen? Da ist Google unzuverlässig. Das habe ich auch selbst erlebt.

  • Spenser says:

    Bravo, Maestro Carreras!
    Enjoy a long healthy life!

  • Barbara says:

    Good to hear about this.