Join Sarah Connolly outside Parliament from noon

Join Sarah Connolly outside Parliament from noon


norman lebrecht

December 10, 2018

From Dame Sarah:

I urge everyone to get down to Parliament, opposite the Lionheart statue / SODEM / House of Lords today, from noon.

It’s our last chance to tip the scales.


  • Catherine Cargill says:

    Would be with you if I could. All the best. Xx

  • Andrew says:

    Ever got the feeling that the luvvies despise ordinary people? I’m surprised Connolly isn’t seeking the revocation of universal adult suffrage. Pampered and out of touch as well as profoundly anti-democratic.

    • Dr Presume says:

      Ah yes, democracy… Where 100% of the population of a country have their future rights/protections/international-status changed because 37% of the population have voted for it. That’s not democracy, that’s mob rule. Not to mention that huge numbers of people affected by the potential outcome of the vote (e.g. those UK people who have exercised their right to freedom to reside in another EU country) weren’t even allowed to participate in the vote. How democratic is that?

      • Andrew says:

        It isn’t the fault of those who voted that others couldn’t be bothered to. The terms of the referendum – a simple majority – were clear from the outset and parliament approved them. Every household received an official government document outlining that the vote would be decisive and that this included exiting the customs union and ending free movement of people. I’m not over concerned about those who have turned their back on the UK as their habitual “centre of interest” but think, somehow, their view is as important as those who actually live here.

    • Robert Groen says:

      Andrew, do you include the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson among the “ordinary people” (all 17,410,742 of them) who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum? And what of the 16,141,241 who voted Remain? All luvvies and upper class twits? And where do we class the 12,950,258 who were part of the electorate but didn’t vote? Come to that, there were also 19,548,988 UK residents who, for one reason or another (age could be one of them|) were not registered or allowed to vote? All this means that, in 2016, a wafer-thin majority of 1,269,501 votes decided the fate of a country with a population of over 66,000,000 people. You may call this “the Will of the People”, I call it proof that matters of such crucial nationsl (and international) importance should never be decided by an instrument as blunt and limited as a popular referendum; So, more power to you, Sarah Connolly!

      • Ellingtonia says:

        “Blunt instrument”…..Oh, you mean letting the great unwashed have a real say in determining where this country is going, those of us in the north who never encounter the “metropolitan bubble” let alone these priveliged “luvvies” who may have to suffer the terrible inconvenience of applying for a visa……..get a life luv!

  • frank says:

    Are these demonstrators against Brexit or in favor of it?