Have a Carlos Kleiber Christmas (1)

The conductor’s conductor.

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  • He sure stops a lot in the Fledermous Overture. The orchestra does not seem to like it. But they aren’t really following his baton and the subtlety of his gestures. I find him very clear and musical. His gestures are very efficient and easy to follow.

  • Just the conductors’ conductor? Wasn’t he also the musicians’ conductor, the music lovers’ conductor, the singers’ conductor, the (heterosexual) ladies’ conductor?

    Whose conductor was he not? Maybe the music business’ conductor. Maybe also the non musical public’s conductor: those who if they could name two conductors, they would name Karajan and Bernstein.

    • Anyone who so hopelessly flails around (as in the Rosenkavalier video), unable to fix the problem on stage, making fun of the singers, and in full view of the public, is not my conductor, but then he never was…

      • I know that nothing in the world will change your opinion; however, please remember that nobody can fix a “problem on stage’ during performance. It’s like trying to fix the trajectory of an arrow after it has left your bow. As for making fun of the singers – they deserved it.

    • Certainly the music lover’s conductor too!
      Several live experiences – and he’s up there with the best of them!

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