French renew contentious director

The Opéra National de Bordeaux has renewed Marc Minkowski until 2022.

The general director of the Opéra  has been under pressure after replacing the musicians in a recent production with a training orchestra.

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  • Jon McG says:

    Well firstly it sounds like the ONB were not able to play the dates because of other commitments – so not a problem.

    But most importantly LMDL has an extensive repertoire and discography dating back over 20 years – so how is this a ‘training orchestra’?

    I think 90%+ of your readers will have heard of LMDL – how many will have heard of ONB?

  • jaypee says:

    Les Musiciens du Louvre are hardly a “training orchestra”. How on earth can you say something like that? The orchestra was founded in 1982 and has made dozens of recordings, several of them excellent:

    And what you fail to mention -and would have taken you 5 minutes to find out- is that the regular orchestra was not available due to a recording session.

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