First woman to conduct Nobel Prize ceremony?

First woman to conduct Nobel Prize ceremony?


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2018

Dalia Stasevska, from Finland, has been chosen to conduct the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at this year’s Nobel prize ceremony, on 10 December.

We think she might be the first woman to lead the show.

Or maybe just the first Finn?

UPDATE: We’re hearing that Marie Rosenmir may have conducted the Nobel before.


  • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    ??? I think this latest announcement refers to “a” concert and not “the” grand concert on December 8. I’m confused…

  • Emil says:

    Sakari Oramo, for one, has conducted the Kungliga Filarmonikerna at the Nobel Ceremony

  • Ornella Zetticci says:

    Is this where Obanana gets his second Peace Prize?

  • Tony says:

    The Nobel Prize CEREMONY annually takes place on December 10 at Konserthuset Stockholm in presence of all the Laureates. (The only missing one is the Peace Prize Laureate since that ceremony takes place in Oslo.) The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra takes part during the Ceremony with a small divertissement. There have been three female conductors before Dalia: Joana Carneiro (2017), Marie Rosenmir (2016) and Anna-Maria Helsing (2015).

    On December 8 the annual Nobel Prize CONCERT takes place at Konserthuset Stockholm. The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra honours the Laureates by presenting a concert together with some of the leading artists of today. This year’s concert is with Lisa Batiashvili and Karina Canellakis. Karina Canellakis is the first female conductor to conduct the Nobel Prize Concert.

  • IamSmartacus says:

    I hope there is no glockenspiel in the orchestra! And no triangle. Either would violate the no-bell rule.

  • Tempera says:

    Who cares…
    too bad