Exclusive: Mirga cancels NY Phil debut

We hear that Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla has pulled out of her January concerts with the New York Philharmonic ‘due to maternity/family leave following the birth of her first child.’

That sounds like childcare issues.

The NY Phil keen to reinstate her dates asap.





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  • She’s scheduled to conduct the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington in April and, as of this writing, she’s still in the NSO calendar on the orchestra’s web site.

  • Oh! Indeed NYPhil will lose it’s best act not just in this season but probably in all, since Mitropoulos. Good Help the Philharmonic, I mean Bernstein or Avery Fischer spirits.

    • I love your satirical sense of humor. Whoever gave you thumbs down obviously missed the sarcasm.

      Trust me, NY audience will not miss anything from music perspective, as long as JvZ isn’t the replacement.

      • I’m glad you said JvZ. I don’t have a final opinion about him yet, since i didn’t have attempted enough concert to judge. However, It was/is kind of frisson to dislike everything Gilbert did in NY, since the very beginning in 2009. At the end, he just didn’t have such huge hype like a fluflly MD that get the position also in 2009 in the West coast USA.

        Now It’s seems Mirga is the new media darling, perhaps.

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