Dame Sarah Connolly: Sing anti-Brexit with me at Parliament on Monday

The great British mezzo is summoning all musicians to join her in a huge anti-Brexit sing-out at Parliament Square on Monday.

‘It’s a gathering of Freedom for Movement supporting musicians & singers from 11.30 all day,’ she tells Slipped Disc. She is very keen to have ‘lots of high voices’ and stresses that it’s ‘important to be most audible and visible at 1pm for news teams.’

This is our last chance to be heard before chaos descends. Bring instruments if you can. Bring croissants.

‘Bring Ode to Joy in German in key of G,’ she adds.

Sign on in the Comments space below, or just turn up.

Be there.

It might just tip the scales.

Why musicians are rallying against Brexit

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  • ‘Tip the scales’? A flash mob to overturn the result of a democratic vote? Oh yes, I forgot; it’s only democracy when you vote ‘correctly’…

    • I don’t know about ‘tip the scales’ but I think it’s entirely reasonable to protest the result of a botched referendum won on the back of widespread criminal activity – especially when, as for pretty much every touring professional musician, your livelihood is in serious jeopardy.

    • Brexit is a clear case of how democracy can go wrong – and how much a referendum can be manipulated. By now obviously a lot of people have gotten that Brexit isn’t a good idea and they try to stop what would become a real disaster for England. I think it’s only honourable trying to correct a mistake, hence I’m with Dame Sarah (and if I could sing and were fit I’d be there in front of the Parliament to sing with her).

      • “Brexit is a clear case of how democracy can go wrong – and how much a referendum can be manipulated” So let me ask you this, if the result had gone the other way would you still be agitating for another vote? A simple yes or no will do.

      • “How much a referendum can be manipulated”. You don’t think that Remain were doing all they could to ‘manipulate’ the answer they wanted?
        What about the leaflet sent to every household in Britain warning of them of Armageddon were Leave to win?

      • Manipulated ? Because you never liked the verdict!Government and establishment spend millions delivering its pro EU junk to every house in 2016

  • I’ve adored Dame Sarah for her singing. Now I’ve started to adore her for her engagement and her standing upright, too.

  • What they need to do is to have a petition for another referendum. If one already exists, then sign that one. No need to have petition over petition over petition…

    If it is true that Brits are having second thoughts, they should have no trouble getting a few million signatures. Then the parliament will have to oblige.

    • We did that and in some real way, I think it really helped convince politicians to see the ridiculousness and folly of Brexit.
      Remain campaign was found guilty by the EC of an accounting error & fined under 20k. They did NOT illegally solicit people via social media or use dark money. Leave campain has been rightly fined, hugely. Now let’s encourage the police to open that investigation into Banks, Gove, Boris, AIQ & FB.

  • Who care what Sarah Connolly thinks about leaving the EU! It the remainer Rats who don’t accept the vote in 2016

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