Can opera be sung to a hip-hop beat?

You bet, says baritone Babatunde Akinboboye.

He’s had half a million hits this week.

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  • Please PLEASE don’t let Simone Kermes or Diana Damrau or any of their ilk gain more ideas for the even worse.

  • if he don’t make his mind up he’ll never get started (“Perhaps, perhaps” ) 😉 …. once is enough for that , any way it was funny, +1 for creativity

  • The obvious punch line to “Can opera be sung to a hip-hop beat?” is:

    It could be, but most “throats” can’t sing in time with any beat.

    And jokes are only funny when there’s an element of truth to them. Due respect to all of the many singers (yet a small percentage of the overall cohort) with an excellent sense of time, and with the realization that hip-hop may produce a disproportionately large number of performers with excellent time.

  • It’s like asking “Can opera be sung to the ticking of a metronome?” Well, yes – clearly it can, but………………..

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