Breaking: Järvi to replace Mirga at NY Phil

The all-rounder Estonian conductor Paavo Järvi will fly in for the first concerts of the New Year, replacing Mirga Gražinté-Tyla, who is on baby duties.

The program is unchanged – Dvorak cello concerto, Ravel Daph & Chloe.


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    • Not quite. He was born in Estonia, and at present holds both, Estonian and American citizenship (Estonian since birth in 1962, American since 1985). Add to that, that he identifies his primary residence as London and pays his taxes there as well.

    • This is the thing about classifying people.
      Do you go by citizenship at any given time in their life (Korngold=US, Handel=Great Britain), by place of birth (Mahler=Austrian or Czech, depending if you go by 19th or 21st century borders) or where they had their carrer (Beethoven=Viennese, Khachaturian=Soviet Union), by language (Mozart=German), … endless source of fun.

      • Er…people self-identify themselves, and are given identities by their contemporaries.

        So…(1) Beethoven and Mozart considered themselves, and were considered by their contemporaries, as “German”. At the time, German speaking Austrians were “Germans” (even though neither came from Austria). Austrians only began to think of themselves as “not German” after German unification in the late 19th century, and the split only really became definitive after the second world war.

        (2) Mahler was considered to be “from Austria”. However, German speaking Austrians often still considered themselves to be German in the late 19th century. Mahler’s “Jewishness” meant not everyone considered him “properly German”. More clearly, the slightly later Korngold was Austrian.

        (3) Handel was considered a German from Saxony, although he naturalised.

        • The point probably being that this is – as you have suggested – more about perception than something you can pin down in a scientific manner. BTW, Michael Kennedy’s Concise Oxfort Dictionary of Music gives Mozart and Mahler as Austrian and Korngold as Austrian-born, which is scientifically inconsistent since Salzburg was not then Austria while Kalist and Bruno no longer are.

  • I’m ticketed for the Friday 11:00 AM matinee. I was looking forward to Mirga, but I’ll take Paavo any day of the week. Nice of him to sub in on short notice.

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