Breaking: Daniele Gatti is named music director in Rome

Breaking: Daniele Gatti is named music director in Rome


norman lebrecht

December 03, 2018

His appointment, as head of Opera di Roma, is effective immediately.

It was approved by the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, in consultation with the national government.

The deal was secured by Rome’s major powerful sovrintendete Carlo Fuortes.

As far as Italy is concerned, #MeToo is over.

Gatti with director Daniele Abbado

Gatti last night opened the season with a triumphant Rigoletto, attended by the mayor and the sovrintendente (pictured). His #MeToo exile has lasted just three months, presumably with time off for good behaviour.

EDITORIAL: Is this the end of the #Metoo musical line?


  • Alexander says:

    Cats rocks, and Roman cats do it at a double …. just kidding 😉

  • Alexander says:

    I mean cats rock 😉

  • John Smith says:

    Was he found guilty? I don’t remember…

    • Gareth Jones says:

      Yes he was, effectively: otherwise he’d have fought and won at tribunal. KCO wouldn’t have canned him so decisively if it was questionable

      • John says:

        So, ‘effectively’ is enough for you is it? I hope you never become a magistrate or anything like it!

      • Rgiarola says:

        Are you telling us that KCO is unfailing, regardless of this judgment performed by a woman (mayor)? Cos if you are talking about real justice related to a crime named sexual harassment, there isn’t any real judgment of Gatti, not in the courts. The only place that can define if someone is a criminal or not. Otherwise it is personal opinion concerning moral standards of KCO against another personal opinion of moral standards in Rome.

        • Saxon Broken says:

          Huh? Gatti hasn’t been accused of anything illegal. He has gone through a disciplinary process at the KCO, and fired. They deemed his behaviour at the KCO to be unacceptable.

          But some points.
          1. The standard of proof is lower than in at a criminal trial (and Gatti would have to show the KCO were unreasonable to sue).
          2. The behaviour which resulted in Gatti being fired need not be illegal, and need not result in a criminal trial.
          3. For any other organisation to fire him, they would have to show something inappropriate in his behaviour at their organisation. Anything he may have done at the KCO would be irrelevant.

          Having said that, I would expect many organisations to be wary of employing him in the future. So the new job in Rome is a little “surprising”.

  • Caravaggio says:

    This is just more of the powers that be shamelessly looking the other way in plain sight to protect and support their own or their vested interests. It is called corruption and absence of ethics and it happens in politics, as we know, just as much as in the opera and classical music business. Others (women in particular) would be nowhere near so lucky, for way far less. Real shame. I will never ever attend a performance by the abuser that is Gatti (or Dutoit or whoever). Besides, his ‘conducting’ leaves a lot to be desired anyway so why bother when there are bigger and better fish in the pond.

    • Luigi says:

      Complete nonsense fuelled by prejudgments. Allegations of misconduct made over twenty years after the fact are only a desperate attempt to attract media attention which would be undeserved otherwise. The so called # Me Too is worse than Spanish Inquisition.

  • cittadino romano says:


    P.s.: “Raggi”, not “Ratti”.

  • Gijs says:

    Virginia RaGGI

  • Paolo says:

    Virginia RAGGI.
    Rigoletto was not such triumphal.

  • Bill says:

    “As far as Italy is concerned, #MeToo is over.”

    Was it ever a happening thing in Italy?

  • Ben says:

    If Gatti didn’t do it, I am sure he will be a smarter man.

    if Gatti did do it, I am also sure he will become a better man.

    I have no problem with either

  • Z.B. says:

    Well, Tchaikovsky was forced to commit suicide, after he was found having sexual relations with a young boy, of the upper class…
    As time is passing, the punishments for sexual abuse are deteriorating.