Just in: Artistic director quits Leeds Competition

Just in: Artistic director quits Leeds Competition


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2018

The pianist Paul Lewis has resigned as co-Artistic Director of the Leeds International Piano Competition.

That leaves Adam Gatehouse in sole charge.

Paul’s decision follows shortly on the arrival of a new chief executive, Fiona Sinclair, though the events may be unconnected.

Paul says: ‘The journey at LIPC over the last three years has been an endlessly fascinating one, full of discoveries, challenges, and surprises along the way. It has been a huge thrill and a privilege to have played a part in the process of renewing the competition, and I have no doubt that The Leeds will continue to evolve and develop in exciting ways over the coming years.’




  • Andy says:

    I’d imagine it’s very difficult to be artistic director of a big competition like Leeds if you’re a travelling soloist with as busy a concert career as someone like Paul Lewis.

  • Karl Luttinger says:

    It was unclear to me what P Lewis added to the 2018 Competition, to be honest. As long as he tries to play himself, he should concentrate on that rather than think about other pianists.