A large swastika is found in a US concert hall

Stanford University is investigating the discovery of a huge swastika that had been engraved into the lid of a grand piano at Bing concert hall.

The piano was last played on November 18 and it is thought it may have been vandalised while in storage.

The swastika is described a being the size of a dinner plate. The word ‘Natzis’ had been etched beside it.

Report here.

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    • What a stupid comment. Trump has done more for the Jewish people and Israel than any US President. I don’t expect his haters to bother with facts. These hate crimes occurred while Obama was in office and no one blamed him. Take off your ideological blinders and try to be honest.

      • Have you given thought to the statement issued by the rabbi of the Pittsburgh synagogue in which slaughter took place, the statement in which he explained why they did not want Trump paying a visit to the site of this horror? He explained why they could do without Trump very clearly. If it escaped you, google and then mull whether you think what he said was honest. If you accept what he said, then your view of Trump will require modification, regardless of your own ideology.

  • Why only Jews feel insulted. Why this label as anti-Semitic act? German , gypsies, all suppressed in WWII nation aimed in this provocation.

    • I don’t know what country or under which rock you live in or under, but in the US, nobody would interpret this as anything but an anti-Semitic act, and the perpetrator would well know this.

      There are virtually no Roma ( The more acceptable way to refer to them, I might add, since you seem to be so concerned about their well being) living here. And no, there is no anti-German sentiment to speak of in the states. And if there was, carving a Nazi symbol on the lid of a Steinway would not be the way it would be expressed.

  • Only Jews express personal insult. This swastika and “Nazi” must hurt German, Gypsies, gays, all suppressed nation during WWII. Maybe yellow star of David {Mugendavid} more anti-Jewish sign.

    • Mr. Lebrecht,
      I find this commentary by this person beyond the pale and quite offensive. That you are allowing it on to your comments board reflects very badly of his this site is being moderated. You can do better than this.

    • For someone who is Jewish at least by birth judging by your name and published bio, you Express more anti-Semitic sentiment than anyone on this site. The fact that you have not been banned yet is a testament to poor moderation and an example of the freedom of speech gone awry.

    • Jews were the target of the holocaust. The other groups you mention were tossed in because the killing mechanism was handy. The swastika continues to be as a symbol of anti-semitism. Conversely, yellow stars of David are symbols of anti-semitism only when attached to clothing.

      • The swastika is much more than a symbol of antisemitism, it is an expression of general state-induced evil all around, the heart of which is antisemitism but not exclusively so.

  • Horrible. It is hard to know what exactly is going on but what we are seeing comes from the very top of the current U.S. administration. The buck stops there. In addition to Stanford, just this week a Columbia University professor entered his office to find it defiled with swastikas. Then, also this week, Google Maps was signaling hotel locations with, you guessed it, swastikas. Not to mention the recent slaughter in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Something terribly wrong is going on and I don’t hear of any effort from the Trump administration to try to arrest the problem before it escalates into something far worse. See links below.



  • The swastika is multi-interpretable. In Israel, sometimes Jews spray swastikas on government buildings when they find the current government fascist. In hinduism and buddhism it is a much-loved symbol.


    For hindus who insist on cultivating the cast system, the symbol goes well with nazi ideas of superior races, it seems that ‘Mein Kampf’ is quite popular among some hindi groups.


    • Swastica, Canada. Milford family lived there, one of daughters born there was name Walkiria. Jessica married a Jewish lawyer, a communist and lived in my hometown in USA. The family was British aristocrathy.

  • My guess is that leftist sympathizers with “the resistance” are committing these acts with the intent of having the media assign blame to Trump supporters. This is not unheard of and there have been many instances of similar actions. Sadly, anything goes when trying to make the other side look bad. The total polarization of the US has been building for years. I thought it would hit its apex during Obama’s years in office, but the left can’t accept election results and is driving the wedge to unprecedented depths.

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