Watch: the string quartet with the pole dancer

If they won’t come for the music, maybe they’ll stay for the strip.

This is the Alma Quartet yesterday at Muziekcentrum van de Omroep in Holland.

They are playing Schulhoff. We’ve no idea what she’s doing.

You see it here first.


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  • Ervin Schulhoff liked getting a rise out of audiences. I suspect he would have loved this presentation.

  • I think the pole dance isn’t just a strip. It’s a result of strict training and frankly speaking I love this video. But I imagine those who think that the dance interferes with the music hate it.

    • Indeed, I found the clip musically impressive, but the pole dancer to me was a distraction. I wouldn’t underestimate the skill and artistry that went into her work, but don’t find it particularly sexy and just don’t see any connection with the music.
      I can’t help wondering whether this is a publicity stunt.

  • Oh dear; another #metoo victim any moment, I’d say. Put yourself out there girl, with nothing on, then make the complaint that somebody took the bait. Go on; you know you want to!!

  • Dear Norman, your post is very sad..
    The colleagues from the ALMA Quartet are very good and pole dance is a sport and sport art.
    And I think all of them worked much harder then you – just quickly posting your old fashioned comments..

  • Are you saying that the pole dancer is not mentioned in Schulhoff’s original score… ? “Quartet for four string players and pole dancer in strings” ?

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