Samsung appoints a company pianist

The Korean company has a house orchestra.

Now it has appointed a pianist in residence.

Read here.

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  • Funny. Soon we may have an Apple Orchestra or a Google Orchestra (isn’t a YouTube Orchestra already in existence?) or an Alibaba Orchestra or an Amazon Orchestra. And as AI and VR technologies tighten their grip, the whole enterprise will consume its own.

    • It’s an very amateur orchestra by employees. I would be very happy to participate if there was an amateur orchestra at my workplace. (I played the violin – very amateur – in a university orchestra).

  • You know this isn’t such a bad idea, especially if it begins to open up alternatives to the concert hall, as in taking the music to where people already are. Not to replace the hall, just as a supplement.

    While I’m on the subject — unemployed or under-employed classical musicians, and the other types too, could fill a great need in hospitals and old-age homes, places like that, and find inspiration in being needed and appreciated in a way that seldom happens in a concert hall.

    All that’s required is a billionaire willing to fund this, everything else is waiting and in place.

  • Why not indeed???? !!!!!!!! We,this world we are all for it!!! We need music not war. Not mumbojumbo music but proper music. WE ARE SO DELIGHTED!!!!!!!

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