Phony competitions: another win for teacher’s pet

Phony competitions: another win for teacher’s pet


norman lebrecht

November 18, 2018

Two Ukrainians – Yuliia Van, 22, and Roman Kholmatov, 24 – have been declared joint winners at the Mirecourt International Violin Competition in France.

Ms Van is a student of the jury president, Krzysztof Wegrzyn.

So it goes.

The prize money is just €5,000 but it’s the title that counts.


  • jennykim says:

    Surprise. Surprise. Wegrzyn has been skewing results for decades for his students. Hannover competition is a giant joke.

    • aj says:

      Much of the violin world is a giant joke.The likes
      of Wegrzyn would not exist if violin players
      didn’t buy into the competition nonsense.They
      all want to be the second Paganini not realizing
      that ship sank long ago and Instead of an art form they have turned it into a banal entertainment.

  • aj says:

    Title that counts ??who really gives a rats behind about
    the title ?? it is laughable …….

  • Luthier of Mirecourt says:


    Her 1st round was really like a shit, no music quality …it’s fine…some competitors don’t make music but at least play perfectly, she played really awful in the 1st round, specially her Paganini. Suddenly I don’t understand why she could enter the semi-final of Hannover competition too?

    Thank you for the answer!!!

    By the way, as an audience, I don’t know if no music no skill, what should we listen? Trash notes?

    But the worst, is the jury, all mafia!

    They could fight with this president, but they choose to be with him. Well! In the future, who wanna take part this competition?

  • David K. Nelson says:

    An International Mirecourt violin bow-making competition would have a title that counts.

  • Tamara J says:

    When will juries finally get the message: ‘Wegrzyn, Bron or Kuschnir on your jury … yeah, not such a great idea’. Time for the World Federation to step up and do something about this garbage #NoGo #BanTheirCheatingSovietAsses

    • Bill says:

      That undoubtedly explains why the winner in Hannover this year was not his student, right? President of the jury, friends on the jury, and his student can only manage 3rd place, yes, he must be a virtuoso fixer!