Opera-loving Justice Ginsburg is hospitalised

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in hospital after she fell and fractured three ribs at her office in the Supreme Court.

We send her warm recovery wishes.

A devout operagoer, she has officiated at several musical marriages.


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  • Willing to bet the farm that Republicans and what passes for President are foaming at the mouth contemplating their next SC nominees. Democrats need to come to the realization that RBG is likely on the way home. Injuries from falls such as the ones she incurred can be very debilitating, especially to people her age who are already infirm.

    • There are falls and there are falls. I personally know of people older than RBG who survived falls just fine.
      What makes you assume she is infirm?

  • There is a very important point here.

    RBG was asked by Obama upon his second term, to step aside so-as to secure that seat for a younger, long term candidate.

    She refused, having already served for a long period.

    Unless she now outlives the Trump administration (potentially another 6 years,) she will have done her cause a great dis-service.

    Think that through….it says alot about the system in general. No-one is an angel, and free of ego, whatever the media paint; however superbly talented they maybe.

      • OK sure, but even supposing he did not “ask” her (which he definitely did by the way whatever she says….), just invert the idea, and ask why she didn’t retire of her own accord (nothing to do with being asked.)

        She replied when asked she wanted to break another Justices’s record……

        Well there you have it, out of her own mouth, regardless of whether Obama “asked” her.

        The question is ‘why didn’t she retire when she had a chance at an appropriate replacement?”

        Answer – ego.

        • I do rather suspect that Justice Ginsberg’s comment about breaking another Justice’s record was tongue-in-cheek, a touch of humour, a quality she does not lack. I’ll explain the concept of ‘humour’ to you another time.

        • All supreme court justices, including RBG, do great serve for this country regardless of which president put them on the court. She fell and injured herself, and we should wish her all speed at recovery. It is time to get away from politicising everything. What kind of life is it if we turn everything into a we versus they scenario? Why should she have retired from the court during the Obama years – she was an active, positive contributor. Her “replacement” could have moved the Court in directions that Obama might not have anticipated – it happens more often than you think. Her job was interpreting the Constitution and not playing politics. Playing is for kids.

  • I love RBG.
    I am praying that she survives the Trump era and lives a long and healthy life.
    And Adam , do you remember what happened to Obama’s Supreme Court nominee? Squashed like a bug by the GOP, which used skirting-the-edge-of-legality tactics.
    Certainly not RBG’s fault.

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