Open borders: There’s a Fischer-Dieskau living in Scotland

The pianist Elena Fischer-Dieskau told the BBC this week that she is now living in Scotland, which is lovely. Her grandfather Dietrich used to be a fixture at the Edinburgh Festival.

Let’s hope they let Elena stay after Brexit.

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    • Because foreigners’ status is not yet settled for the outsider-UK future, and because “hostile environment” is the official policy of the Home Office in their connection, initiated by May back around 2011, carried on by Rudd, and so on.

      You haven’t been following this Furz. Press has not lacked for true horror stories. Professionals and artists are far from exempt.

      • Sigh. In advocating for non-discriminatory immigration policies then sitting by and watching the erection of ‘diversity bollards’ in major European cities you are now naive enough to suggest that Europeans themselves shouldn’t be caught up on the inevitable attempt to shut those same gates. You break it, you own it.
        Should have gone to SpecSavers!!

  • A fine pianist from what I have heard of her a few years back in London at RAM – she should stay. If the fervently pro-Euro Scotland makes her leave, then it is their loss

  • I am absolutely sure her future is safe. More project fear from the remainders. Let’s check back in a year and see where we stand shall we?
    Ms Discher Dieskau still on staff at the music school I predict.

    • Applesauce.

      Long-term status, moreover, will not be clarified for a number of years. Chances are foreigners will have to pay plenty to lawyers in any event.

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