Music teacher, 32, commits suicide in classroom

A horror story from Texas.

Jordan Ali Halane, a Fine Arts teacher and a piano and voice coach at Wessendorff Middle School, in Rosenberg, was found unconscious in an empty classroom during a school break.

He died later in hospital.

The school principal told parents in a letter: ‘Unfortunately, we believe it was the teacher’s intent to harm himself.’

No details have been given of cause of death.

Halane, who was 32, was also vocal music director at Lamar CISD

He was coming up for his second wedding anniversary.

More here.


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      • Because it has nothing to do with music or the music profession. It’s a sad story about someone who, obviously, was having great difficulties coping with some aspect(s) of his life. Let the man rest in peace and leave his wedding anniversary out of it, too.

  • While it is not mentioned, the fact that music education in the US (as well as in many other places) is onot given anywhere near the respect that it deserves. Teachers are often left with little support or outright abandoned, unable to teach the subject that they tool so much time to learn and that they love so much. In the end, it is hardly surprising that so many teachers are leaving the profession. Although truth be told, suicide, if it was indeed that, is more than a bit too dramatic when compared with, say, a letter of resignation.

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