Martha Argerich starts a piano competition

The city of Vigo in Spain has announced a Martha Argerich Edition of its international piano competition, to be held next April.

The judges will be Martha A., Nelson Freire, Pablo Galdo, Serge Tiempo and Tamas Vasary.

I this we can be fairly confident it will be incorruptible.

No prizes here for teachers’ pets.

Applications open today.

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  • It will be an interesting event — however, no chamber music and no concerto will be performed, only solo recitals (even in the finals). Remarkable, considering that Mme. Argerich herself so rarely performs solo recitals these days (a great pity, I might add).

  • And the nonsense continues, the ego has to be fed so now
    we have the Martha Argerich Edition . To believe it will
    be incorruptible is an idle dream .

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