London theatre goes crowdfunding for ladies’ loos

The Old Vic theatre is appealing for £100,000 on its website to help double the number of women’s toilets.

The problem’s not just in India, apparently.

Ten grand raised so far.

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  • C’mon join the 21st century: unigender toilets, toilets for all regardless of gender.

    Glenda Jackson, who played King Lear (to great praise), should embrace this idea more than anyone else.

    • On the contrary, one set of toilets each for all the new 27 genders. Saves those pesky queues when time is a factor!!

  • Unigender toilets slow up everyone. Urinals are quicker for most chaps’ needs and stop them delaying those needing the w.c.

  • …. since that is a British blog “loo” is fine.
    That said , speaking internationally, “More Johns for ladies at the Old Vic theatre” would sound more equivocal and subsequently attract more readers to the topic 😉
    P.S. a bit strange yet not a bad idea to raise some funds for such an affair any way 😉

  • As on airplanes, toilets should be unigender and class based. Those paying for cheap seats have no right to use first class, or first tier, toilets. Reintroduce some social order here!

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