Lisette Oropesa: I used to weigh 210 pounds. Don’t shame me

In an interview with AFP, the Cuban-American soprano confesses that in 2005, she weighed 95 kilograms (210 lbs). Now, she weighs just 56, having lost weight to save her career.

She adds:  ‘body-shaming is not acceptable’. She is tired of “rich patrons saying ‘Oh, I am so glad you’re not fat, like so and so’ — because they think they are entitled to say things like that.”

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  • Oropesa is the literal picture of health. Would have never guessed she ever weighed so much. Body shaming is neither a good idea nor a good thing and is more often than not applied to women but, surprise, not to men.

  • One of the noxious effects of social media is that thousands of people who have nothing to do with a musician or other performer feel they can comment on their clothes, their weight, their choice of partner etc. To quote from the Henry Rood letters of the 80s: “Dear Sir, get stuffed, strong letter to follow”.

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