Kuschnir pupil wins 1st prize – and he’s not even on the jury

The 2018 Long Thibaud Crespin International Violin Competition has been won in Paris by Diana Tishchenko, 28, from Ukraine.

She is a student of the influential Boris Kuschnir in Graz and a runner-up at the Shanghai Isaac Stern competition.

2nd and 3rd prizes were awarded to 24-year-old Mayumi Kanagawa from the United States and 24-year-old Dmitri Smirnov from Russia.

The jury consisted of: Renaud Capuçon (pres.), Alena Baeva, Kolja Blacher, James Ehnes, Martin Engstroem, Liana Gourdjia, Jean-Jacques Kantorow, Guillaume Sutre, Akiko Suwanai, Yan Pascal Tortelier, Maxim Vengerov and Qian Zhou.


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    • Crazy, isn’t it? Presumably he can teach more students than he could rig competitions (I am not suggesting that he does so, just to be clear), and it must be easier to to put your thumb on the scale as a jury member if your favorite student can actually play, so I think it is very likely that the whole crowd of fixers widely hated here can teach.

    • Well, I think, she has studied with him only since 2018. In her Biography, he is not mentioned, her skills are for sure learned long time before…

  • а) she was undoubtedly the best, b) Vengerov was on the jury. I am not sure in which order to put this, let it be like it is.

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