Joni Mitchell is 75 today

We don’t have to believe it if we don’t want to.

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  • Don’t have to believe it? It’s either a fact or it isn’t. This isn;t Trump’s America, where not believing what you don’t want to has become a matter of public policy.

      • Subtext Paul it’s something shared and given between women and ironic… as I look at the clouds i painted in my womb with a view tee hee long live the muppets looking at both sides now of a cloud, perhaps cumulus fleeting illusive and in permanent….denying spirit exists is to erase it and the right to assert free will,to be connected to subconscious and to have womens rights respected as human beings….I wish that for all of uùuuuu.who think u have ownership over that…..

    • I read it as a gallant way of saying “to me [and to many of us], she will always be 27.” Forever young, that sort of thing.

    • Oh come on. I think most of us can distinguish between a light hearted remark and the serious and concerted attempt to undermine the truth that is being perpetuated by the orange bawbag in the not round office. Norman’s headlines can be a bit fact-light but anybody who doesn’t see the wistful humour in his words here is seriously lacking in something.

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