How to sell a symphony? Get a tattoo

The punchline? ‘Apparently, Beethoven isn’t just a dog.’

The things you learn at the San Diego Symphony.


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  • Mama mia! Nowadays, struggling musicians have to go to extreme lenghts to sell their souls to the audience. Hope that it works!

  • That’s right! Classical music is just like another consumer choice! It’s only a commodity folks. Buy your pork bellies now!

    • Everyone is selling a commodity. For example, you are selling us cynicism packaged as insightful intelligence. But we are not buying!

  • Having tried everything else, I guess they might as well have a go. But, on the other hand, the ad gives a poor impression of the culture and I’d be personally upset if a concert was invaded by tattoo-wielding millennials who stared at or stroked their phones all evening. Sad, apart from anything else. But the ‘old new meet new you’ schtick might work. Fingers crossed. OTOH, some snowflakes are likely to whine, “what’s WRONG with the old me”? Sigh.

    • I really don’t care about the annoyances during performances despite them being annoyances, but chances are they are old, unhealthy, and don’t realize everybody can hear them when they unpack their mints that’s buried deep in their bags. Or talk. Or cough. And talk more (now trying to whisper). And cough. And talk (because their hearing is too bad for whispering). And in some cases breathe: If you sound like being connected to a heart-lung machine: Please stay home and get well. Thank you.

  • I wanted to comment on this, but the women in my environment threatened to lock me up in the library if I dared.

  • As a sidenote, the SD Symphony charges $7 per order as a “handling charge.” I think that new and even more frequent concert goers find such cash grabs obnoxious and a disincentive to purchasing tickets. These fees are appreciated as much as airlines charging extra for the 1st bag. Symphonies should note that much of Amazon’s loyalty is driven by free 2 day shipping.

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