Good tidings: Jonas Kaufmann is expecting a baby

The tenor’s partner Christiane Lutz has let it be known that they will become parents in March, and the Garman tabloids are ecstatic (see below).

Jonas, who turns 50 next year, has three children with his ex-wife, Margarete Joswig.

Good wishes all round.

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  • He sounded splendid in Otello on Wednesday, perfectly partnered by Anja Harteros, with Gerald Finley clever and compelling too. But Amélie Niermeyer’s staging, due in video-stream on Sunday at, presents his character as akin to Wozzeck — drab, thick, his stature unsubstantiated — and the marriage as one of equals. SD readers listening in will witness Kirill Petrenko’s leaden, inexpressive way with the score. This conductor (to be replaced next season by Ádám Fischer) simply has no feel for the Italian language and so cannot mine Verdi’s phrases, a fatal weakness in an opera of such detail and concision; Act IV, even with the world’s greatest Desdemona on stage, unfolds as a musical bore.

    • Come to think of it, depending on how hard he was trying, this might have been the reason for all the cancellations up to now.

    • Did not cancel any of his mora then 65 performances the year.Master of cancellations is Alagna, due to illness or due to not knowing the text…..

      • More than 65! Amazing stamina, and with that kind of schedule, how can we not reasonably expect occasional cancellations? The man is human!

    • No cancellations this year. You are a bit of a troll Mr. Caravaggio. You do know don’t you that Caravaggio was not a particularly nice person?

    • Mr. Kaufmann hasn’t cancelled a single performance this year. He sang for example all his scheduled performances of ‘Andrea Chénier” in Barcelona in March although his mother died just before the premiere. And he sang the demanding Wagner concerts in Gstaad and Grafenegg in August although he had a broken toe and walking and standing was obviously quite painful.

  • The same old story: Succesful male singer has 3 children with (also) singer partner, whose profession is thus hindered (yes, 3 pregnancies are no easy toll to a singer). Succesful male singer divorces, gets a younger partner, and has more babies at 50 yr old (to feel young?). It’s soooo normalized. Maybe some day it won’t be.

    • The singer partner had babies, by mutual agreement – or are you suggesting otherwise. 3 pregnancies are a toll on any woman, but there has never been any suggestion but that both delight in their children.

      The couple were divorced – and the whys and wherefores of that are not known to anyone except themselves. You may think you know, but you don’t and they (neither of them) are saying except that he has described the lifestyle of an international musician as difficult and hard on relationships.

      The new partner has chosen to be with him and has chosen to have a baby with him..

      There is nothing “same old” about the story. It is always individual, it is always a little different. If you have nothing more constructive to offer you had better have kept your hands from your keyboard. You don’t know anything about it.

      • Well said! I want to add, that it is obvious that the father and his new partner do care for the children very well.

        • I agree. I think we can assume Jonas and his partner, both of whom know the rigors and pitfalls of a world-famous tenor’s life, did not lightly make the decision to bring a child into this world. None of us really know the interior lives of families other than our own, and it is ludicrous to speculate about them. We can only wish this couple, and their extended families, joy with this new addition.

      • If it is difficult for a singer to have a family, why cmake the same mistake again? Maybe because she is younger, she wanted to be a mother and he had to make an honest woman of her willy-nilly

      • We may not know the exact particulars but the pattern is so common that I for one don’t want to know them. He was a bright shining star and a hero for me until the divorce. Then he became a common man and a common singer.

    • Thank you for having the courage to say this. I would have had hell to pay if I had said it. He is disappointing isn’t he.

    • I guess it’s a terrible thing for some people that a highly successful, attractive and intelligent white European male continues to enjoy success in the mating and reproductive arena. Studies show that similar females prefer these types of males because of their genetic attractiveness and robust DNA prospects. Hooray for Jonas.

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