Ever heard Pollini play the Beatles?

Karl Böhm conducts. Who else?

As if.

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  • Did any well-known pianist, apart from the dedicatee, actually play the Lutoslawski concerto? Pollini, Argerich, Barenboim, and the younger ones, and the young ones – why do you neglect that masterpiece?
    Thinking of this while thinking of what Pollini definitely didn’t record or play.

  • Cute adaptation and video editing! (For those who know, the John Rutter ‘Beatles Concerto for two pianos and orchestra’ is vintage 1970s and quite special. It cannot be performed due to life exclusivity by the commissioning parties; I will ask John if something can work around…

    • Wow, that’s both beautiful and fun!
      Do you know of any comments on the Beatles Concerto from the any of the Beatles?

      • No. Perhaps a work for hire and the commissioning party own the rights. Performance rights from copyright holders of the songs might pose other issues. Perhaps this is why it is not out there in performances.

    • I once scheduled the Rutter Concerto at a pops concert with Rostal and Schaefer performing. It was a huge success! It is a great pity it is not now more readily available.

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