ENO to use its safety curtain for advertising

You know that period before an opera begins when you settle in happy anticipation, riffling through the programme book, or catching up with your companion, or exercising your knees to let latecomers squeeze by.

Well, that period of contemplation is to be banished at the Coliseum.

English National Opera is seeking permission from Westminster City Council to create a ‘plain white painted area’ on its safety curtain, 12 x 6 metres high, to be ‘used as a projection surface pre-show and at the interval to project films showing the ENO forthcoming opera seasons’.

It is a short step from here to commercial advertising.

Rotten idea. Send your objections to Westminster now, or post them below.

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  • Excellent idea. Advertising new season can easily contribute to selling more tickets and repair the budget through additional revenues.

  • Struggling to see the issue here. This already happens at theatres all over the UK, subsidised or otherwise. And there’s never any pre-opera relaxation period at the Coliseum: they always start late and people are squeezing in 10 mins after the advertised starting time.

  • If there is accompanying sound for the ads then sure I wouldn’t like it, but otherwise what is the problem even with commercial ads?

  • I remember seeing ENO in Coventry 1975, before the show a cinescreen came down trailing next weeks film , followed by adverts for local firm

  • I can’t imagine having sufficiently few other things to do that I would write to a local council to object to advertising on a curtain on the inside of a building

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