Domingo’s LA baton gets an agent

Domingo’s LA baton gets an agent


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2018

The French conductor Audrey Saint-Gil, assistant to Placido Domingo and James Conlon at LA Opera, has been signed by Marcus Felsner at Opus 3 Artists’ Berlin office.

A Toulouse music graduate with a PhD in Greek philosophy, Audrey is in a relationship with the baritone Christopher Maltman. She has worked at Covent Garden and Ravinia.

She is a serious biker.


  • ROH employee says:

    She’s not conducted at Covent Garden, well not in the ROH anyway.

    • Jack says:

      Her bio says ‘worked at’ Covent Garden (and a host of other major houses).

      • Christopher Maltman says:

        She has… As either assistant to Mr Domingo or Mr conlon, as guest vocal coach in Covent Garden and Munich, as french coach in Washington and a host of other places. Never has she claimed to have conducted in any of them, that was lazy conjecture on the part of Mr Lebrecht who has now, graciously, amended his column accordingly. She is beginning her career as a conductor now having conducted at the Narnia Festival in italy this summer and in Dallas earlier this month. There’s much more to come…

    • Christopher Maltman says:

      You’re absolutely right. Neither has she claimed to. I thank Mr Lebrecht for his desperate back-pedalling in amending the article accordingly.

  • Christopher Maltman says:

    Audrey has NEVER claimed to have conducted in Ravinia or Covent Garden. Neither is she Placido Domingo’s ‘La Baton’. This article is totally inaccurate in that respect and should be retracted accordingly. She has been taken on by Opus 3 and we are together as a couple, that much is fact and the rest of her career she will build on ability, hard work and similar truths, not on the desperate gossip-mongering fostered by Lebrecht.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      On her Facebook page she states that she worked at Ravinia and ROH. The rest is desperate back-pedalling fostered by Maltman. We wish them well.

      • Christopher Maltman says:

        Mr Lebrecht, she has worked at both Ravinia and Covent Garden. The former as an assistant to James Conlon and the latter as a guest vocal coach for the Jette Parker Young artists programme. No back pedalling required on my part, only serene forward motion. However, even basic journalistic due diligence on your part would have turned sloppy conjecture into factual reporting. But I suppose that’s never been your style…