Conductor flees California fires

Symphoria’s principal pops conductor, Sean O’Loughlin, and his family have been forced to evacuate their home at the approach of the California wildfires.

O’Loughlin lives in the Westlake Village area of Los Angeles County. ‘I want to thank everyone who has shown us kind words, concern and love during this unbelievable time,’ O’Loughlin said.

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  • for those not familiar, Symphoria is the successor to the “late” Syracuse Symphony. Interesting how in every city in America — except one — where an orchestra folded, a new one was formed to take its place and is doing well.

    • That depends on your definition of “doing well”.
      Doing well for me is, that full time tenured musicians make a competitive salary in the upper middle class bracket of their region, adjusted for cost of living.
      Anything else is more like getting some compensation for a hobby, rather than “doing well” professionally.

  • I do not believe that people in Europe or even in the eastern United States really understand the problems that California is having with water and wildfires. It’s very serious. However, although LA is a semi tropical climate (with palm trees) it’s unusual to have serious fires in mid autumn.

    I hope everyone affected gets out o.k.

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