Breaking: Baltimore suspends ‘inappropriate’ concertmaster

From the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra:

Baltimore (November 9, 2018) Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Jonathan Carney has been suspended without pay, effective today, according to BSO President and CEO Peter Kjome.

Given allegations of inappropriate behavior by Jonathan Carney towards an employee of another orchestra, which came to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s attention yesterday, BSO management made the decision to suspend its Concertmaster, effective immediately, with an initial term through November 13, 2018.

“After a comprehensive independent investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior towards another musician in our own orchestra, we made it clear to Jonathan Carney that we would not tolerate inappropriate behavior, whether verbal or physical,” said Kjome. “In our view, Mr. Carney was not forthcoming about this current allegation.”

Other BSO musicians, including Associate Concertmaster Audrey Wright, will serve as Concertmaster for upcoming Baltimore Symphony Orchestra performances.

Two months ago, the Baltimore principal oboe Katherine Needleman accused the orchestra of ‘failing to take meaningful action’ when she accused the concertmaster of visiting her room at night.

UPDATE: Baltimore oboe says, ‘I told you so’

UPDATE2: Baltimore civil war

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  • Where does it say the Midatlantic orchestra fired him? Could we just get some facts here for once instead of the hyped up hysteria?

      • A Towson University Student.

        From CBS:

        “Since the allegations became public, a former Towson University student claims a friend told her Carney made a crude comment about her breasts while teaching a master class there.

        She spoke to WJZ over the phone, asking us to conceal her identity.

        “I just couldn’t believe someone of that stature could say something so unprofessional,” the woman said.

        Through his lawyer, Carney says another man made the comment–not him.

        “Wow, I’m really surprised that he said that,” she said.

        “We’ve contacted that student to see if she’d like to talk further with us,” Kjome said, noting the former Towson student made contact with the BSO Tuesday.”

        • “a friend told her Carney made a crude comment…”

          Look, as much as I am sympathetic to the claimants feelings, this really doesn’t amount to anything at all. There is no direct evidence of any untoward behaviour at all. Certainly nothing that can result in a disciplinary hearing.

  • Dear Parents,

    Today we learned that the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has temporarily suspended concertmaster Jonathan Carney after allegations of inappropriate behavior of a verbal nature toward a musician with the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. Upon learning this news, we have made the decision to suspend Mr. Carney from his role as Artistic Director of MCYO until the allegations have been resolved to our satisfaction.

    Please rest assured that the safety and wellbeing of our students is always our primary objective. We have no reason to suspect that any of our students were involved in any incidents of concern, but we feel this suspension is the most appropriate step until more information can be gathered. We will continue to monitor this situation and stay in close contact as we learn more.

    In the meantime, all of us at Strathmore and MCYO are available if you have any questions, concerns, or information to share. You can reach out by responding to this email, or by calling Cheryl Jukes, Executive Director of MCYO, at 301.581.5208.


    Monica Jeffries Hazangeles
    President and CEO
    5301 Tuckerman Lane | North Bethesda, MD 20852-3385

  • Good riddance to an awful person who obviously thought his position of power bought him the right to intimidate “lesser” people. I wonder how many others were on the receiving end of this behavior before Needleman and now this new person had the courage to take a stand.

    • Being merely “disagreeable” or “a jerk” are not themselves sackable offences, and nor ought they be. To fire him you have to have something more substantial.

  • I understand the protective order against Mr. Carney was dismissed in a court hearing today as it did not hold up to the facts. It would seem the suspension will be lifted as well as it was ordered in response to the claim.

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