Baltimore oboe says: I told you so

Katherine Needleman, the Baltimore principal oboe who filed a complaint against concertmaster Jonathan Carney, is delighted at his suspension.

She tells the Baltimore Sun:

‘I do not know the woman who was threatened at the Midatlantic Symphony; I have never met her nor spoken to her. I have, however, had a similar threat directed at me by Jonathan Carney, and understand too clearly how frightening he can be. That Mr. Carney would threaten two women completely unrelated to my case in the way he did shows why other women may be unable to speak out, especially where they were not provided anonymity in the case of the BSO’s internal investigation, where three women declined to speak. I commend the Midatlantic Symphony for taking decisive action and firing Mr. Carney to protect the women who work for them. I stand with both women who were threatened and hope they get the peace they deserve.’

Ms Needleman has also posted a picture of her new tattoo, in solidarity with the Baltimore Symphony:

UPDATE: Baltimore can not afford#Metoo civil war

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  • The blatant sexism displayed in this posting is disgusting. Nowhere does Needleman herself say she is “delighted”. I should have figured the motives of the author of this site when it took him two days to mention here the most recent story about Jon Carney even though it was all over the news in Baltimore.

  • The amount of mediatic interventions from this person and the way she harps on about things she has already reported is very scary. Normally, someone would report incidents and then let matters take their course. I am not sure if all this helps her credibility.

    A suspension means little. Only a judge will decide about the facts.

  • Anyone else notice that this woman turns more hideous by the day? Imagine the rot and hatred underneath the surface and it gives you some explanation. Her playing has probably turned sterile too.

  • A tattoo on her neck, exposed to the public at every concert? That is beyond stupid, it shows how selfish she is, it is totally unacceptable. She needs to be replaced immediately. What a disgrace.

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