Air France passengers are stranded for 3rd day in Siberia

The flight was heading from Paris to Shanghai.

The first plane filled with smoke, prompting a forced landing.

The replacement plane broke down.

We probably know people on that flight.

Read here.

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  • I have been to Irkutsk. It’s actually a pleasant enough town with plenty of old wooden architecture, certainly one of the better stop overs on the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing or Vladivostok. There are far worse places to be “stranded” in Russia.

  • AIR FRANCE statement “The safety of its customers and crew is Air France’s absolute priority,” remains me about the tragic of flight 447 over the Atlantic in 2009 in hands of an inexpert pilot…

  • It is a most public secret that Air France used to be a nice (and even once in a while good) airline a very long time ago. As with France itself, radical reform will never happen, and if it happens the result is the obligatory vehement and passionate strike. It looks like that sentiment even exists in Air France’s equipment…;-)

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