15 grand for French quartet

It’s not all gloom for M. Macron.

The Quatuor Ébène, one of the sharpest ensembles on earth, have just been named winners of the Frankfurt Music Prize 2019, worth 15,000 Euros and oodles of German prestige.

We hope they can afford the petrol to collect it.#

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  • They deserve the Frankfurt prize, as they have appeared for many a year in German cities, not just in the metropoles. Norman, have you recently compared British petrol prices with those in France. What does M. Macron to do with the whole affair?

      • People whose income is too low for new fuel prizes are compensated. Those riots were unnecessary and resulted from not understanding government policy. Hence the indulgent uproar, because it’s nice to have a reason to destroy property and harrass innocent people. The quartet will, with their award, be affluent enough to pay for their fuel when they pick-up their prize.

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